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Golf Practice



    Practice will be every day after school. It is NOT optional. Team members will meet at the clubhouse. You may drive to the Country Club, but please be careful. Groups will be made up of Varsity and Junior Varsity players. Each group will work separately with their respective coaches. 

A note on safety: 

  Please be careful on the course. It's important to observe safety rules and watch out for each other. Remember to look before you swing. 

   Practice will end around 6:00 p.m. Skipping practices or poor behavior on the course will result in loss of privileges and other disciplinary action to be determined by the coaches. If you have a conflict, you must contact your coach before you have to be gone. Don't send word with one of your other teammates. Take responsibility and make sure you communicate with us. Don't ask to be gone for frivolous reasons (haircuts, tuxedo rentals, etc.) During periods of inclement weather, don't assume that practice is canceled. Wait until you hear from the coach that there is no practice. Since motorized carts are not used in tournaments, we will not use them during practice. There may be times when we will allow you to use them, but not as a general rule. Pull carts are encouraged but not required. 

    Attendance is required. I will take role each day as practice begins. If you are not at school due to illness, we will not expect to see you at practice. However, if you are at school but go home ill, I'll expect that you communicate with me directly or through the office. If a teacher asks you to stay after school for academic purposes, please go there first.  Academics must come before Golf. As soon as you are finished, come to practice. 

    Attendance at school the day after a meet is absolutely required. If you are sick and cannot attend school, I'll expect a doctor's note. Sleeping in is not acceptable.

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