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Team Rules and Expectations

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High School Football Team Rules/Expectations

Personal Conduct: A team member will not do anything to bring embarrassment to himself, the team, or Ashland High School. Be respectful of other people and their property, "treat others the way you want to be treated." Punishment will be up to the coaching staff.

Substance Abuse: No team member will use or be in possession of any drug/drug paraphernalia (legal or non legal), or tobacco products. Verification will be by staff, administrations, law enforcement, or parents.


1st Offense- One-game suspension and lose all honors, 10 miles run in five days, and written paper with presentation to JH class OR check in equipment.

2nd Offense- Dismissed from the team.

Practice: You will be at practice everyday. If  you miss practice, playing time will be affected. (Excused or unexcused)

Eligibility: It will be according to school policy.

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