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USD 220 Students and Alumni Update the AHS Gym Sign

Recently, the USD 220 Alumni Association, the USD 220 School Board, students, and alumni came together in order to update the Bluejay Sign on the west wall of the AHS Gym.  Since the orginal sign was created by AHS Alumni Diane Humphreys and AHS Alumni Robin McPhail over 20 years ago, they were asked to contribute to the new sign's development.  As a result, Robin McPhail created the new . . . read more

AHS Gifted Stundents and Teachers Focus on Kit Plan Project

During the next school year, Mrs. Amanda Lee, AHS Gifted and Math Teacher, and her students are planning on focusing their extra learning time around the technical aspects of flight.  Although the students are studying flight in the form of planes and rockets, the group also has plans to have guest speakers and field . . . read more

USD 220 Gains $67,000 for After School Reading Grant

Recently, the USD 220 Board accepted a grant of 67,000to provide a research - based after school reading program for every Kindergarden through 3rd grade student at Ashland High School. The parent - involvment program for all childern and parents one night a week where families can gather at the school, receive a free meal, and learn tips . . . read more

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