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USD 220 Students Prepare for the Clark County Spelling Bee.

January 7, 2014

Mrs. Becky Luerman's 2nd Grade Students at Ashland Elementary School prepare for the Clark Country Spelling in class. Since 2nd graders can participate in the county-wide spelling bee, this is the first year for these 2nd graders to be . . . read more

"Save our Grade" Program

By Jordan Stevens | October 22, 2014

    Save Your Grades has kicked off yet again here at AHS. Mrs. Walker is running it for our students! Teachers will be there in the library to help you and get those grades saved! Sign up with your English teacher today! read more

AES Teacher Brings in $2,500 for USD 220

October 22, 2014

Ashland Elementary Teacher Jim Gillaspie acquired $2,500 worth of monies from local and corporate donors in order to allow every student at the grade school to buy one book from the AES book fair last month. USD 220 would like to thank Mr. . . . read more

USD 220 Acuires Over $90,000 in New Grants Since July

October 22, 2014

Recently, USD 220 has acquired over $90,000 in new grants since july of 2014 in order to help stundents in the community. USD 220 is currently in their second year of their "staff grant writing campaign",and the district is seeing . . . read more

Civil War Style Amputation In Mrs. Krier's Science Class

October 7, 2014

Recently, Mr. Hoffhines' Kansas Historyclass and mrs krier's chemistry classes combined in order to do a historically accurate civil war Amputation similar to what would be seen 150 years ago in a civil war medical hospital. AHS . . . read more

AHS Senior Goverment Stundents Met U.S. Senator Bob Dole

September 25, 2014

Some AHS Senior Goverment stundents got a chance to listen to and meet former U.S. Senator Bob Dole in Ashland Recently. Before the visit, the senior stundents got a chance to research senator Dole's History of public service for kansas . . . read more

September 2014 BOE Meeting Agenda

September 2, 2014

Agenda read more

AHS Gifted Stundents and Teachers Focus on Kit Plan Project

August 25, 2014

During the next school year, Mrs. Amanda Lee, AHS Gifted and Math Teacher, and her students are planning on focusing their extra learning time around the technical aspects of flight.  Although the students are studying . . . read more

USD 220 August Menus

August 10, 2014

Lunch Breakfast read more

2014-2015 USD 220 Calendar

June 15, 2014

The 2014-2015 USD 220 calenadar is out, you can view it by following the link below.  Please remember that the calendar is subject to change. 2014-2015 Calendar read more

USD 220 Gains $67,000 for After School Reading Grant

Recently, the USD 220 Board accepted a grant of 67,000to provide a research - based after school reading program for every Kindergarden through 3rd grade student at Ashland High School. The parent - involvment program for all childern and . . . read more

3rd Graders at USD 220 Make Special Mothers Day Presentation

May 12, 2014

Mrs. Vicki Haydock's 3rd grade class at Ashland Elementary Sachool got a chance to honor their mothers in special ways during the annual Mothers Day Garden Party. The classroom was decorated like agarden from wall to wall, each mother got . . . read more

AHS Advanced Biology Class Gets "Behind the Scenes" Tour of Animal Preserve

May 12, 2014

Recently, the AHS Advenced Biology Class of Mrs. Katrina Krier got a special veterinarian "Behind the Scenes" Tour of the Tanganika Wildlife Animal Preserve near Wichita. After the class researched veterinary medicine practices . . . read more

Retiring AHS Teacher Leanne Pike Receives Award for "Very Last Faculty Meeting"

May 12, 2014

As a fun tribute to longtime AHS Math/ Social Studies Teacher Mrs. Leanne Pike, who is retiring at the end of the current school year, USD 220 adiministration awarded her a special "Very Last Faculty Meeting Award" during the May Faculty . . . read more

AHS Advanced Biology Class Performs Civil War Amputations for 8th Graders

April 29, 2014

Mrs. Katrine Krier's Advanced Biology Class performed two amputations on two "Civil War Soldiers" while Mr. Chase Casteel's 8th Grade US History Class watched and asked questions this past week. Kyle Baker (the Confederate Soldier on the . . . read more

Clark County Archeology Society will Meet on Sunday, May 4th

April 28, 2014

The Clark County Archeology Society will meet on Sunday, May 4th for their monthly archeological dig at 1:30 -3:30 pm outside the Pioneer-Krier Museum in Ashland. The group meets outside of the museum, then travels to various archeological . . . read more

USD 220 Students and Staff Put Up Signs on Edges of School District

April 17, 2014

Recently, the USD 220 students and staff have strated the process of putting up sign on the edges of the USD 220 School District. These signs relate to the USD 220 School Board Goal #3: "Encourage Good Public Perception both inside and . . . read more

USD 220 Thanks Local Ranchers for Beef

April 16, 2014

Recently, USD 220 put up signs un the USD 220 cafeteria thanking local ranchers who are involed in the USD 220 Beef Program. The sings mention: "USD 220 Beef is Provided by the Generous Donations of USD 220 Farmers and Ranchers.... Thank . . . read more

AHS Trophy Case Updated by National Honor Society Students and Sponsors

April 8, 2014

Recently, USD 220's National Honor Society students and sponsors updated the AHS Trophy case at Ashland High School By painting the back of the case a royal blue color and re-arranging the trophies based on this current year's activities, . . . read more

Attorney Sally Shattuck Addresses USD 220 Seniorsin "Life 101"

April 8, 2014

Recently, Attorney Sally Shattuck addressed the USD 220 in Seniors Mr. Chase Casteel's Class regarding the Life 101 topics of contrast, leases, and retail agreements after the students graduate from high school and move away from home. "Life . . . read more

New USD 220 Beef Program has Saved $10,000 for Ashland Schools

April 8, 2014

During January, the USD 220 School Board approved a program where the USD 22-0 School District might be able to reduce its food service costs significantly in the district by harvesting donated beef from generous farmers and ranchers in the . . . read more

Clark County Archeology Society Conducts Fossil Dig on April 6th

April 7, 2014

Recently, the Clark County Archeology Society conducted their third fossil dig of the year on Sunday, April 6th from 1:30-3:30 pm. Fossilized teeth and bones were discovered from dinosaurs, marine life, and other animals in the soft . . . read more

Ashland School District to Start the "USD 220 Beef Program.

March 24, 2014

In an effort to be as efficient as possible with tax dollars, the Ashland School District has just started the "USD 220 Beef Program" with local cattle ranchers. The program's goal is to be able to cut back on the cost of what the school . . . read more

USD 220 Ashland School Gain $120,000 in Grants and Gifts since July

March 24, 2014

These AHS students are playing a "grant-funded" Second World War Game in Mr. Chase Casteel's World History Class at Ashland High school this week. As a district, USD 220 has been encouraging their staff and teachers to search for grants and . . . read more

USD 220 Students Buy Archery Decoys from Board

March 24, 2014

Recently, the USD 220 School Board voted to sell 7 old archery target decoys to three Ashland High School students who approached the USD 220 Administration and Board. After a review of the decoys, and a review of how these decoys would not . . . read more

USD 220 Staff Tour the Walton KS Ag Charter Schoool

March 10, 2014

On Friday, the USD 220 Staff took a trip to see the Walton Agricltural Charter School in Walton, Kansas, North of Newton. The trip was scheduled on Friday as a regular in-service day for teachers. Not only did the USD 220 staff view the many . . . read more

Travis McCarty Addressed USD 220 Seniors in "Life 101"

March 4, 2014

Recently, Dr. Travis McCarty, from the Ashland Veterinarian Clinic, addressed the senrior class of 2014 in "Life 101" during their Seniors at Ashland High School. Throughout the school year, the seniors at Ashland High School have deen . . . read more

AHS Advanced Biology Class Measure Sugar Content in Soda

February 10, 2014

Recently, the Ashland High School Advanced Biology classes measured the amount of sugar in various soda drinks during the class. The students' project was an attempt to not only learn about the contents of the drinks, but also to teach other . . . read more

Clark County Attorney Jerry Woolwine Adresses the AHS Seniors in "Life 101" Class

February 3, 2014

Jerry Woolwine came to AHS and addressed the AHS Seniors in government class about "Life 101" concepts regarding speeding tickets, bad checks, lease agreements, staying away from drugs and underage drinking. The students asked many questions . . . read more

AHS Students Participated in Leaugue Inspirational Speaker

January 30, 2014

Last week, the Ashland High School students took a trip to the United Wireless Arena in Dodge City in order to see and hear Former NFL Player Shawn Harper's Inspirational speaking presentation. All of the league schools were in attendance for . . . read more

AHS Students Make National CNN News Broadcast

January 27, 2014

This week, the Ashland High School Students and Staff made national news by being announced during the CNN Student News Daily Broadcast via the internet. Each day, the students watch a section of the CNN news broadcast in order to better . . . read more

Clark County Archeology Society has Fossil Dig on Sunday at 1:30 pm

January 26, 2014

The Clark County Archeology Society is having its first fossil dig of the 2014 year on Sunday, Feb. 2nd from 1:30 to 3:30 pm.  All interested individuals can participate in the dig by meeting at the . . . read more

USD 220 Teachers to Tour Ag-Focused School on March 7th

January 22, 2014

On Thursday, March 7th, the USD 220 teachers and administration will travel to Walton, Kansas during their regular scheduled in-service time in order to view the highly successful agriculture-focused elementary school at Walton Rural Life . . . read more

Ashland Varsity and Junior Varsity Teams Place First At The 2013-2014 League Scholars Bowl.

January 21, 2014

Eleven SPIAA League schools plus Satanta, who will join the league next year, met at Rozel-Pawnee Heights on Wednesday, January 15, 2014, for the annual League Scholars’ Bowl Meet. A round robin tournament resulted in both Ashland teams . . . read more

USD 220 Teachers have Successful Teacher Soup Dinner at Ashland High School

January 20, 2014

Last Friday night, the USD 220 Teachers hosted a very successful USD 220 Teacher Soup Dinner at the AHS Basketball games.  The attendance for the annual event was one of the best yet, and the teachers earned well over $1,000 for student . . . read more

Stockgrowe​rs State Bank Gives Donation to USD 220 for Technology

January 15, 2014

Recently, Stockgrowers State Bank donated $2,500 to USD 220 in order for the district to purchase technology equipment for educational purposes.  As a response to their generous donation, the USD 220 School Board and Administration . . . read more

USD 220 Changes Parent Teacher Conferences to Thursday, March 27th

January 15, 2014

During the Jan. 13th USD 220 Board Meeting, the USD 220 School Board voted to change the Spring 2014 Parent Teacher Conferences from  Thursday, March 13th , to Thursday, March 27th .  Since the . . . read more

USD 220 School Board Discusses Possible Agricultuer - Based for Schools in Future

January 15, 2014

During the Jan. 13th, 2014 USD 220 School Board Meeting, the USD 220 School Board discussed options to consider regarding the 5-10 year vision of the district into the future.  After surveying student, staff, administration, and board . . . read more

AHS Scholars' Bowl News

January 9, 2014

The Ashland High School Varsity Scholars' Bowl team placed first at the meet held at Bucklin on Wednesday, January 8, 2014. In seven initial rounds of pool play team had two losses, ranking second in their pool. In finals, competing in a round . . . read more

New USD 220 Math Teacher Works with AHS Students

January 7, 2014

USD 220 is pleased to introduce Mr. Micah Dority, as the new AHS mathematics instructor for the 2014 Spring Semester. Mr. Dority and his family have moved to the Ashland community from Omaha, Nebraska. The above picture shows Mr. Dority . . . read more

USD 220 Gets Two New Backboards for AES School Gymnasium

January 7, 2014

Recently, USD 220 has purchased and installed two new basketball backboards in the AES School Gymnasium.  During one of the last practices before Christmas break, one of the backboards was broken during practice at Ashland Elementary . . . read more

Mrs. Dannah Schatz Recieves $8,000 Grant or Early Childhood Education

January 2, 2014

USD 220 is pleased to announce that Mrs. Dannah Schatz, the Preschool Teacher for USD 220, has recieved an $8,000 grant for "Learn and Play" services for the next fiscal year. The grant will provide money so that additional reading . . . read more

USD 220 5th Grade Receives $400 Target Field Trip Grant

January 1, 2014

Mr. Jim Gillaspie's 5th grade class at AES received a $400 Target Field Trip Grant to attend the Museum of World Treasures in Wichita during the spring semester. Since school funding has decreased significantly in Kansas, Mr. Gillaspie and . . . read more

AHS Welcomes New Mathematics Teacher for USD 220

December 17, 2013

USD 220 is pleased to announced that Mr. Micah Dority will be the new mathematics teacher at Ashland High School starting on Thursday, Jan. 2nd. This week, Mr. Dority got a chance to come to school for the day and meet the students and . . . read more

USD 220 Celebrates Grandparents Day at AES

December 16, 2013

Recently, Ashland Elementry School Students were allowed the opportunity to host their grandparents at school. The USD 220 Grandparents got a chance to follow their grandchild through the day and help assist at different activites within . . . read more

AHS Math Relays Team Places 2nd out of 100 other KS Schools

December 15, 2013

Recently, the AHS math relay team of USD 220 placed 2nd out of 100 other KS Schools at the Kansas high school Math Relay Championship at Fort Hays University earlier in the month. The USD 220 Math Relay Team is seen here with their sponsor, . . . read more

USD 220 Hosts Christams Concert

By Matson, Nathan | December 15, 2013

Ashland Elementary School students performed for parents, staff, and community members at the recent AES Christmas Concert. The concert was very well attended, and it was comprised of both vocal and instrumental music. Grades Kindergarten . . . read more

KS Senator Garrett Love to Address AHS Senior Government Class.

December 9, 2013

On Wednesday, December 18th, Kansas State Senator Garrett Love will be coming to Ashland in order to talk to the Ashland High School Senior Government Class regarding state and local government. the seniors have been studying government, as . . . read more

Honors Earned by AHS Musicians

December 4, 2013

Ashland High School has two students attending the SWKMEA Honor Festival in Dodge City, Saturday December 7th . Tessa Vanderree was selected to play flute in the SWKMEA Honor Band. She was selected through a recorded audition process and will . . . read more

AHS Teacher Receiver Grant for Reptiles in the Classroom

December 3, 2013

Recently, Mrs. Jennifer Baker, AHS Special Education Teacher, received word that she received a grant to provide reptiles in the classroom from Pet Care Society and Petsmart. Being a USD 220 Teacher, Mrs. Baker is part of the "USD 220 Grant . . . read more

Ashland Health Care CEO AddressesAHS Students in "Life 101 about Future Careers

December 3, 2013

Recently, Mr. Roger Barnhart, the Ashland Health Care CEO, talked to the AHS seniors in Mr. Casteel's American Government Class about health care related jobs during "Life 101 "Life 101" was designed by the USD 220 and the "Ashland 2020 . . . read more

Representative Ron Ryckman Visits with AHS Government Class

November 25, 2013

KS Representative Ron Ryckman visited Ashland last week and met with the AHS Government Class of Mr. Chase Casteel in the morning at AHS, then addressed the Ashland Civics Club in the afternoon.  The government class was studying local . . . read more

USD 220 Staff and Community Viewed Autism Movie at Recent In-Service

November 25, 2013

Recently, the USD 220 Staff and Community members watched the movie: "Temple Grandin" for an afternoon in-service at AHS. John, Brenda, and David Ketron were also in attendance from the USD 220 community and add in the discussion over . . . read more

AHS Students Perform "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" to Packed Crowd

November 18, 2013

AHS Students Perform "Your a Good Man, Charlie Brown" Musical at AHS Cafeteria on Saturday, November 16th and Sunday, November 17th. The musical was well attended by the community with a packed crowd on both days of the performance. The cast . . . read more

USD 220 Students continue to Excel with Tablets at AHS

November 18, 2013

Through the assistance of individual computer tablets during the 2013-2014 school year, Ashland High School teaching and learning is changing for the better. Now, teachers and students are sharing lessons online, completing assignments, and . . . read more

AHS Students Read Anne Frank's Diary Behind Secret Bookcase

By Meininger, Grant | November 15, 2013

In order to simulate Anne Frank during the holocaust and their secret hideout room behind the bookshelves, the Ashland Junior High students of Mrs. Lori Bigler's Language Arts class read her diary in a similar fashion. In order to replicate . . . read more

Ashland's Invitational Meet

November 11, 2013

Everyone is welcome to come watch the Ashland Scholars' Bowl students in action at Ashland High School on Tuesday, November 19, at 3:00 p.m., when Ashland will host their annual Invitational Scholars' Bowl Meet for both Junior Varsity and . . . read more

ASH Seniors Learn "Life 101" Lessons on Finances and Fund

November 5, 2013

Kendal Kay and Jan Endicott, from Stockgrowers State Bank, address the AHS Seniors regarding having good finances, staying safe from fraud, and managing credit cards.  The students got to hear information, participate in lessons, and ask . . . read more

Founder of S.A.D.D. Gives Inspirational Speech to USD 220 Students

November 5, 2013

Recently, the founder of Students Against Drunk Driving (S.A.D.D.),  Dr. Robert Anastas, came to USD 220 in order to inspire the USD 220 students to make right decisions for their futures. Dr. Anastas focused on encouraging the students . . . read more

AHS Students Perform Civil War Amputation in Advanced Biology Class

October 29, 2013

AHS Students Perform Civil War Amputation in Advanced Biology Class conduct a civil war amputation of Kyle Baker's right arm while the students of Mrs. Leanne Pike's 7th Grade History class watch the procedure and ask questions. The Advanced . . . read more

USD 220 Announces New Math Teacher for AHS

October 29, 2013

USD 220 is pleased to announce Mrs. Tammie Williams as the new Ashland High School Mathematics Teacher starting in the spring semester on January 2nd. Mrs. Williams was at AHS all day on Tuesday of this week in order to meet the staff, . . . read more

Principal Revives $500 Grant in USD 220 Grant Writing Campaign

October 24, 2013

Mr. Jason Endicott. Principal of Ashland Elementary School, revives a check for $500 from Wal-Mart because of a recent grant that he received for a new digital camera. Mr. Endicott has been part of the "USD 220 Staff Grant Writing Campaign" . . . read more

Superintendent talks about Historical Jesus in World Histroy at AHS

October 24, 2013

Dr. Brian Perkarek, USD 220 Superintendent, was the guest speaker on "Historical Jesus" in Mr. Casteel's World History class recently. Since the class was discussing ancient Roman and Greek writers recorded about Jesus and his place in history. read more

Mr. Chase Casteel Nominated for KC Chiefs "Teacher of the Week

October 22, 2013

USD 220 Social Studies Teacher Chase Casteel has been nominated for the Kansas City Chiefs "Teacher of the Week" by Ashland High School. Every school day (following a chiefs game) he can be seen wearing his apparel at AHS, talking about the . . . read more

Mrs. Lori Bigler Suprised at AHS

October 22, 2013

Mrs. Lori Bigler, AHS Language Arts Teacher, is surprised by staff and students for her 50th birthday on Monday, October 21st. The AHS staff surprised her first in the office, then students surprised her again by decorating her room in black . . . read more

The Kansas School Effiency Team Conducts Free Audit for USD 220

October 22, 2013

     Recently, the Kansas School Efficiency task force from the Legislative Post Audit conducted a free school district audit of USD 220 services. The voluntary audit is a free service for any school district in the state . . . read more

USD 220 Teacher Wins " Unsung Hero Award "

October 22, 2013

AHS Math and Gifted Teacher, Mrs. Amanda Lee, won the October "Unsung Hero Award" from the Ashland Presbyterian Church for her commitment to students beyond the school day. Mrs. Lee was nominated by the students and teachers who received her . . . read more

USD 220 Agrees to not Hold School on Friday, November 22nd

October 16, 2013

Recently, the USD 220 Board of Education voted to approve a change in the 2013-2014 calendar so that the district will not hold school on Friday, November 22nd with students. Although students will not be in session on Friday, November 22nd, . . . read more

AHS Cheerleaders Perform at the Homecoming Pep Rally in Ashland

October 7, 2013

After the USD 220 Homecoming Parade on Friday, October 4th, the AHS cheerleaders led the students, staff, and community members in a pep rally in order to get ready for the upcoming Homecoming festivities  that annually surround the . . . read more

Clark County Sheriff John Ketron Addresses the AHS Seniors in "Life 101"

October 7, 2013

USD 220 and Ashland 2020 began the "Life 101" for seniors again with Clark County Sheriff John Ketron addressing the AHS seniors. In the fall and spring, Mrs. Hubbard's Senior English Class and Mr. Casteel's Senior Government Class plan to . . . read more

Guest Speaker Shares Native American Artifacts with Students

October 7, 2013

Recently, Mr. Lasson Pike, local attorney in Ashland, presented to students in Mrs. Leanne Pike's 7th grade Kansas History class regarding Native American artifacts and history of Clark County. Not only did Mr. Pike present on the plains . . . read more

USD 220 Homecoming Parade is a Success

October 7, 2013

The 8th Grade class presented their float for the 2013-2014 USD 220 Homecoming Parade with a theme of "Flush the Aces" on Friday, October 4th. However, the 7th Graders won the parade with a float called: "Scorch the Aces". During the evening . . . read more

Jay TV Shares USD 220 News with the Community and Area

October 1, 2013

     The media broadcast, created by the students, and assisted by Mr. Travis Callaway, showcases news and information regarding USD 220 to the larger community and surrounding area. The continuous broadcasts can be seen . . . read more

USD 220 To Put up Signs for the District

September 24, 2013

USD 220 hopes to put up these district signs on the edges of the school district during the month of October.  The district signs are double-sided, with one side saying "Welcome to Ashland USD 220", and the other side saying . . . read more

Meet New USD 220 Band Teacher Brad Herndon

September 23, 2013

Q, Did you teach music before teaching at Ashland? A. I taught music at many different levels and classes in Music- Band, Choir, Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, Steel drums and more. I have been a teacher at the College, High School, . . . read more

Meet New Ashland High School Math Teacher Bethany Spare

September 19, 2013

Q. Where did you attend college and what was your favorite thing about it? A. Kansas State University - B.A. History and Political Science, the encouragement from professors and the attitude on game day! Go State! I also went to the . . . read more

Dr. P's Game Club is a Success at USD 220

September 10, 2013

USD 220 has started a new club for students who are not out for athletics called "Dr. P's Game Club." The purpose to the club to provide an atmosphere where students can continue to sharpen problem-solving strategies, develop teamwork skills, . . . read more

Former KSU Basketball Player Rodney McGruder in Ashland HS

September 9, 2013

On Saturday, September 14th, Former KSU Basketball Player Rodney McGruder will be coming to USD 220 Ashland School District and community. Rodney McGruder is currently involved in the NBA Training Camp with the Oklahoma City Thunder in hopes . . . read more

Meet new AHS Gifted/Jr. High Math teacher, Amanda Lee

August 30, 2013

Q. Where did you grow up? A. Valdosta, GA (Southwest Georgia)   Q. What past teaching experiences do you have? A. I have been teaching for 10 years. I taught K, First Grade, Third Grade, and Fourth Grade.   . . . read more

Meet New Superintendent/ AHS Principal Dr. Brian Pekarek

August 28, 2013

Dr. Pekarek filled out a survey for the media class so the community of Ashland can get to know him a little bit better.  What are your thoughts on the community of Ashland? I enjoy the district and the community of Ashland very . . . read more

USD 220 Reading Teacher Receives Grant

August 26, 2013

USD 220 Reading Teacher Shalah White received news that she had received a $13,500 grant to purchase the Lexia Reading Core 5 online software program from Educational Design Solutions for elementary students in USD 220. The software allows . . . read more

USD 220 Staff Grant Writing Campaign Nets over $30,000 in July and August for Student Programs

August 26, 2013

USD 220 Ashland School District is pleased to announce that their first annual "USD 220 Staff Grant Writing Campaign" has gained over $30,000 in new monies from July and August for the USD 220 staff and students. Although the fiscal year has . . . read more

High School Tablet Rollout Pushed Back

August 16, 2013

Dear Parent and Students, We have modified the dates on which our students will receive tablets for use.  This change did not come from falling behind on a deadline, but from a very positive breakthrough today in the district. . . . read more

Teachers Welcome Back Students

August 16, 2013

USD 220 Teachers Welcome Students back to school with Cell Phone Calls During the Monday, August 12th Teacher In-service at USD 220, all of the USD 220 teaching staff got a chance to stop in-service activities for a time in . . . read more

USD 220 Welcomes New Staff

August 12, 2013

USD 220 Ashland School District is pleased to welcome 4 new certified staff members to their teaching and administrative ranks this year.  They are (from left to right): Dr. Brian Pekarek, Superintendent; Mrs. Amanda Lee, Math and Gifted . . . read more

Stockgrowers State Bank Makes Donation to Ashland Schools

August 6, 2013

Stockgrowers State Bank has recently announced that they will be giving two types of donations to USD 220 Ashland teachers at the beginning of the school year.  The purpose of the donations is to provide money in order for teachers to . . . read more

USD 220 to Conduct "Active Shooter" Drill

May 2, 2013

USD 220 will be conducting an active shooter drill on Tuesday, May 7. The drill will take place at Ashland High School. During the drill, the building will be locked-down and then evacuated. This year's drill will include a reunification . . . read more

Sales Tax Renewal

March 25, 2013

USD 220 patrons are encouraged to vote in favor of renewing the one cent local sales tax on Tuesday, April 2. Polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. and advance voting is already open.     In 2010, the tax was . . . read more

Sales Tax Renewal

January 28, 2013

By Bill Day Although the economy has improved over the past year, the state budget is still in trouble. With last year’s income tax cuts, the legislature has cut Kansas into crisis. School budgets have been cut back to levels . . . read more

Junior Clipper #2

January 7, 2013

Mrs. Bigler's Junior High writing class has released the second edition of Junior high Clipper.  To read it click here. read more

Christmas Program DVDs On Sale!

December 19, 2012

     The Ashland High School Media Class will be selling copies of the Grade School and High School Christmas Concerts. They will be $6 each, but if you would like both on the same DVD it will cost $10. To purchase or find . . . read more

Book Fair

November 26, 2012

Beginning on December 3, the Scholastic Book Fair will be held at the Ashland High School Library until December 17. The Book Fair will be open from 7:30 AM until 4 PM during that time period. However, if you would prefer to shop online you . . . read more

State Budget Woes Continue

November 20, 2012

Although the federal deficit and the national debt are in the news every day, another financial disaster looms in the state of Kansas. The true effects of last spring’s legislation to cut Kansas income tax came to light last week when the . . . read more

School Play DVD Copies for Sale

November 12, 2012

High School media class will be selling all school play copy's price will be $8.00.  Contact Mr. Callaway to purchase at tcallawayusd220@gmail.com .  read more

Mexican Dinner

November 1, 2012

The High School Girls Basketball Team will be having a fundraiser on Sunday, November 4 at the High School Cafeteria from 11:30-1:30pm. The dinner will consist of enchiladas, tacos, beans, rice and dessert. There will be free-will donations . . . read more

Ashland High Presents "Little Nell"

October 29, 2012

The all school play is coming up on November 10 and 11.  For more information click here. read more

WEPAC Activities

October 22, 2012

     As October comes to a close, it's time to get excited for WEPAC events! This year the WEPAC Student Assembly will be held in the AHS gym, on Thursday, October 25, the assembly will not only include Ashland High School . . . read more

2012 WEPAC Tickets

September 24, 2012

For More Info Click Here read more

Homecoming Date Change

September 18, 2012

Due to the conflict between Homecoming and Regional Tennis we will be flipping those two days by making the following changes: -          Friday, October 5th will NOT be a school day and will . . . read more

Jessica Cox to Speak at Fowler

September 17, 2012

Jessica Cox is a woman born without arms, she now flies airplanes, drives cars and otherwise lives a normal life. She uses her feet as hands. Jessica will be speaking Mon, October 22, 2012 at Fowler High School. There will be a meal served at . . . read more

Superintendent speaks out about governor's school finance plan

by Bill Day

Last week, Governor Brownback introduced to the state legislature his proposal to overhaul the state’s school funding formula which he has called “broken”. He has further stated that the broken formula has been the cause of the recent . . . read more

New Citrix Download for 2011-12

by Bill Day

USD 220 has installed a new server and new Microsoft Office 2010 software and upgraded the server software (Citrix). These changes should make access to school files much simpler. A student's files will now be available 24/7 from any . . . read more

Meet the New Teachers

The Ashland High School faculty is happy to be receiving two new members for the 2011-12 school term. Lori Bigler will be teaching Communication/Public Speaking, English 11, 7th English, English 9, and World Literature. She will also be . . . read more

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